Disclaimer: always have a backup before doing any kind of optimisation to your website. Sometimes things break, so it’s important to have a save point to go back to.

Which DNS provider you use has a very small effect on your speed, so feel free to skip this part as it might only save you 100ms and if you have limited time it’ll be better spent on other areas of optimization.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and is an important part of any website as it’s how you connect your domain to the actual website so people can find it!

If you’re using Cloudflare for your CDN, then you’ll likely already be using it for your DNS as well.

Cloudflare is a good free DNS provider and is what we use on all of our websites.

DNS Made Easy is another good one that is free for up to 3 domains, then a small monthly fee.

Both of these DNS providers also have the advantage of updating records much faster as they have networks all over the world. Updating a DNS A record to make a website live often happens in minutes, rather than up to 48 hours when using other providers.