Disclaimer: always have a backup before doing any kind of optimisation to your website. Sometimes things break, so it’s important to have a save point to go back to.

When a user loads your website, they’re downloading the files from your server to then display the website in their browser. The further away they are from your server geographically, the further the files have to travel, and the longer the page will take to load.

For example: if your server is in New York, a user from Chicago will load it much faster than one in Sydney.

There is a way around this though.

You can use a service called a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These are essentially a collection of servers all over the world, so there’s always a server close to your user.

Using the example above, your main server might be in New York, but if you use CDN they could have one in Melbourne, so now your website is loading at similar speeds for both users.

Our go-to CDN is Cloudflare, which is free to use on the basic plan.